Lego ninjago kai jay zane cole nya lloyd sensei garmadon new season series and part лего ни видео смотреть онлайн

Lego ninjago kai jay zane cole nya lloyd sensei garmadon new season series and part лего ни

Фото Lego ninjago kai jay zane cole nya lloyd sensei garmadon new season series and part лего ни

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Продолжительность видео: 00:06:44

Количество лайков: 2387

Качество видео: hd

Размерность видео: 2d

Количество просмотров: 808908

Дата публикации в интернете: 2016-12-14


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Мы в VK контакт , подписывайтесь : Kai - Ninjago minifigures of the series, released in 2011. Kai-ninja-fire, short-tempered, resolute. Sensei Wu entrusted the map to the golden arms of Kai father. Nia - his sister. Kai Lego nindzyago - last young ninja who joined the team Wu Masters students. He is impatient and trying to learn the skill of the ninja as fast as possible, because the Lord Garmadon kidnapped his sister. However, even though he becomes a good soldier and the first tame the dragon, Kai begins to understand that impatience and haste - the enemies of the ninja ... \"If it will help find my sister, I am with you.\" When the ninja learned about the prophecy of the Green Ninja, Kai was absolutely sure that he will be elected and will win Lord Garmadona in a decisive battle. As a result, Kai had to take a back seat. He discovered that life very different plans for him and there is a lot more important things than being the best. Lego ninjago Kai, who was once a narcissistic loafers, has become an indispensable member of the team. He proudly takes on the mission to prepare the Green Ninja - Lloyd and helps him to discover his true potential. Finally, he becomes what always wanted to be - a true hero, ready to give his life for his friends. Kai with Lego ninjago loves to compete, and Master Chen plans to use it against him. Kai has always been second after the Green Ninja, but perhaps this tournament - his chance to show all their abilities. Is Kai wants to leave the team only to be the first? What could prevent him to submit his ego ... Maybe the love? After the death of Garmadona Kai gave a solemn promise to look after Lloyd just like Nia care about him most when their parents died. That is why Kai takes so close to the heart of the universe in Morro body Lloyd! He feels personally responsible for the salvation of others, but in fact he needs help of the whole team. All ninjas have weaknesses, and to win they can only join forces. ninjago Kai feels that life rushes past. While everyone else enjoys the latest technical inventions, he can not even turn on the toaster without having arranged with the fire. It feels as if the car is specially bullied over him. But over time, Kai learns to find a balance between the past and the future. Kai with Lego proved that he is an equal member of the unit, and is ready for new challenges. He has a heightened sense of justice, and he is ready to fight with anyone to violate any rule and burn any bridge on his way. It has the power of the element of fire. Even after many years of training with Kai Lego nindzyago still prefers to rely only on themselves. Although he is not as quick-tempered as before, Kai still prefers to act rather than to plan, and it can not sit still. Kai loves Lego ninjago glory. He likes to be the center of attention and listen to the admiring exclamations of the crowd of fans, and have to be distracted by the fighting and training. He is not prepared to meet with Nadakhanom and to face its own past, and this threatens the entire team. Like other ninjas genie grants him three wishes, but everything is going according to plan. Kai becomes trapped Genie blade Nadakhana and escapes just in time to disrupt the wedding Nii. . and only a few days he proved that I was right, he began focusing his energy and showed his true spirit I knew that he was willing to go any distance, to protect people who are in need Kai -... Appearances in sets: 2011 Lego ninjago Kai 2111 Kai 2254 Mountain crypt 2258 Ambush Kaya 2505 Dark Fortress Garmadona 2507 Fire Temple 2508 Forge 2518 ATV Nuskala 30083 Dragon Battle 2012 Lego nindzyago Kai 9441 Motorcycle Kaya 9443 Serpentine helicopter 9449 Supersonic aircraft 9456 Battle of the spinner 9558 Ninja Training 9561 Kai ZX 95 951 Armorer 2013 Lego ninjago Kai 70500 Fire car Kai 2014 Lego ninja Kai 70721 Fighter Kai 70727 Ninja interceptor X-1 2015 Lego nindzyago Kai 70739 Flyer Aerodzhittsu Kaya 70,745 Destroyer Clan Anakondray 70750 Mobile Base Ninja 70752 Traps in the jungle 70,756 Showdown Drifter 30293 Kaya 70735 R.E.X. Ronin 70736 Morro Dragon Attack 70751 Temple Aerodzhittsu 851,342 Army Ninja Appearances in films: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Appearances in video games: LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin LEGO Ninjago: Tournament LEGO Dimensions 2016 Lego ninjago Kai 2017 Lego nindzyago #Legoninjago, #Cole, #Jay, #Kai, #Nya, #Sensei, #Garmadon, #SenseiWu, #Zane, #lego, #ninjago, #lego2016, #легониндзяго, #лего , #ниндзяго, #ниндзягомультфильм, #мультфильм, #ninja, #LEGOninja, #Джей, #Кай, #Коул, #Ниа, #Зейн, #СэнсэйВу , #гармадон, #Ллойд, #ниндзяго2017, #лего2017, #ninjago2017, #2017, #lego2017 Ссылка на видео : Ссылка на канал Андрюшкино ТВ :